Colorboxsims Flashbacks

I thought I would try uploading pics of my simming projects here. If you would like to check out the CC I have made (for all 3 simsgames) check out my site

Cleaning up the old hard drive —

Download Men in Tights - as clothing and as an accessory

I made these quite a while ago in answer to a request at N99 and thought I would post a link here too.  Unisex kids version is on the way…

eta: A couple more previews — please forgive the low quality pix

A few more of my sims 4 recoloring attempts. Again these are defaults — my attempts at non default haven’t ended well (crashes)  I gather I’m not the only one and a solution is being sought.  Don’t think they’d be very useful as is — :(

First successful attempts at cc for sims 4 — both defaults — my non-defaults are crashing— 

WIP — another really big lot that I probably will never finish — :/

Isabelle & Michael’s home in Lucky Palms

eta: This is an EA lot renovated

Lucky’s at the Lake — my attempt at creating a resort for Lucky Palms — major routing issues lol  But it rakes in the cash for Isabelle & Michael


These walls were made as part of the set pictured below way back in 2008, but for some reason I didn’t upload them at the time — don’t remember why.  I saw wcif for them yesterday and tracked them down. Or at least 5 of them … I have a feeling there were more or perhaps I meant make more and didn’t? Could be the reason the set wasn’t released in 2008.   Any way — hope you enjoy :D

They can be downloaded from dropbox - BW Floral Walls  Rest of the  recolor set is still available at colorbox 2 - Bedroom from 2008

Sims 2 flashback (circa 2007)

Life in Midnight Hollow — Bette and Jack have a little one 

—- These are from 2007 —-  No chance of resurrecting the full games they are from though … :(

Back to 2008 for these sims 2 shots —